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All meats are hardwood smoked using primarily oak & hickory & sometimes cherry or other fruitwood. This all depends on availability and the mix of meats in the smoker at any given time.

All packages are priced per person and begin at $25 per person and up depending on the menu mix chosen. The minimum number of people is 15. On-site cooking with the smoker carries a smoker rental fee of $350 which is separate from the menu chosen. We are based in the Bronx and typically travel almost anywhere in the nyc metro area, including parts of West Chester County, Orange County, Rockland County, Nassau & Suffolk Counties, & parts of Connecticut and NJ. Customer required to pay any tolls and travel outside the 5 boroughs of NYC will incur a distance-based travel fee in addition to tolls. *We cannot travel on parkways with our smoker

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Catering Menu

American Style BBQ Meats:
Seasoned with a variety of our proprietary dry spice rubs

Pulled Pork
St.Lous Ribs

Beef Brisket
Pork Belly Burnt Ends(Skinless w/BBQ sauce glaze)
Pulled Chicken (Boneless-Skinless Breasts & Thighs)
Whole Chicken
Puerto Rican Style BBQ Meats:
Seasoned with a wet marinade or "quick brine" using fresh garlic, cilantro, onions, vinegar & a citrus fruit juice blend along with other herbs & spices.
Pernil (Pork Picnic Shoulder, no skin)
Costillas Criollas (Pork Ribs)
Chicharron(Pork Belly with crackling skin)
Pollo Asado( Whole smoke-roasted chicken)

Arroz con Gandules (Yellow Rice with Pigeon Peas)
Rice Pilaf
Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Spicy Cilantro Cole Slaw
Grilled Vegetables
Platanos Maduro (Sweet Plantains)
Cheddar-Parm Mac

We can also offer grilled to order items for on-site cooks such as burgers, sausage, hot dogs, steak, grilled chicken.

Grilling Service is $65 per hour for items cooked to order in addition to the cost per person for the chosen items. If you have an item in mind that you do not see listed, let us know and we will work on a quote for you for that item. Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to segregate items on a smoker or grill, please keep this in mind if there are allergy concerns for you party. We make no guarantees that common allergens will not be present during all phases of our cooking.

We do not make vegan items but will be more than happy to source commercially produced vegan items and cook them for you.

A 50% deposit and contract signing is required to secure a booking.