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Zesty Spice Blend and Fruity Passion Fruit Barbecue Sauce Excites Any Seafood!

Caribbean Inspired - No Artificial Preservatives - Great Island Flavor to Liven Up any Barbecue!

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Barbecue Sauce

Flavor Profile

Luis created a zesty spice blend that pairs well with the fruit-forward flavor of passion fruit.

Combined with apple cider vinegar, little bit of tamarind, and passion fruit's sweet, exotic slightly tart flavor enhances any seafood dish.

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BBQ Lou Says...

"This sauce pairs exceptionally well with grilled seafood, specifically, shrimp and lobster.

It also works very well as a glaze for baked or broiled salmon fillet."

Great for Seafood Lovers!

Passion Fruit Sauce from Father and Son's Kitchen is a perfect complement to add to your barbecue.

Easy To Use. Just apply Passion Fruit Sauce to shrimp or fish after seasoning and cooking to add a new zesty finish.

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"My People, My Land" - A tribute to our Puerto Rican Heritage

Quick Tip!

All our sauces don't have artificial preservatives and last unopened for up to a year. Once opened, keep refrigerated to keep fresh for up to 6 months.