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Award Winning Spicy Guayaba! Barbecue Sauce Infused With Tropical Flavors to Excite Your Tongue!

Caribbean Inspired - No Artificial Preservatives - Great Island Flavors to Liven Up Any Barbecue

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Barbecue Sauce

Flavor Profile

Luis created a new barbecue sauce born from his Puerto Rican heritage with the tropical flavor of Guava with the right amount of heat.

These ingredients bring together a lively flavor with no artificial preservatives in a finishing glaze for your family and friends to enjoy.

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BBQ Lou Says...

“This flavor, I like it for chicken because pork has an assertive flavor on its own.

I really want barbecue lovers to taste the sauce which perfectly matches with chicken."


Great for Chicken and Wings!

Spicy Guayaba delivers an incredible flavor that doesn't over-spice

Easy To Use. Just apply our award winning Spicy Guayaba sauce to your pre-seasoned chicken or fried wings to serve-up a new flavor. Not too spicy!

"My People, My Land" - A tribute to our Puerto Rican Heritage

Quick Tip!

Simply salt and pepper chicken breast, thighs, and wings. Barbecue till done. Apply Spicy Guayaba and serve. Yum!