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Father and Son's Kitchen Founder - Luis Rivera - Meet "BBQ Lou"!

Meet BBQ Lou

Our Story

Born in The Bronx and raised in New York City with a proud Puerto Rican heritage, I have a love for re-creating some of the tastiest foods and adding a new twist to our beloved BBQ sauce. There’s nothing like the feeling of serving great-tasting food to family and friends. This sense of reward inspires me to craft traditional and new BBQ sauce flavors found in the smoky, delicious plates we love to eat.


BBQ found me at a Mets game while chomping on a pulled pork sandwich which would come to inspire our sauce. I became obsessed with reproducing the sauce to this sandwich that so greatly changed my perspective of BBQ, but it instead led me to developing something different and unique that we now share with all of you. It took one sandwich to inspire our first sauce, now called “Sweet and Tangy,” which led to the creation of our brand: Father and Sons Kitchen. Since then, I have built up an award-winning line of BBQ sauces and a catering business that constantly strives to offer more for all types of food lovers. 

Humble Beginnings

We started from humble beginnings, cooking with my first born son and sharing our love for bringing about new flavors, many of which are founded on Puerto Rican ingredients.   “Mi, Gente, Mi Tierra,” which translates to “my people, my land,” is based on bringing new ingredients found in our “Spicy Guayaba” (guava) & “Passion Fruit” sauces.

We added Taino symbols (indigenous people of the Caribbean) on the label and a Puerto Rican flag
to indicate flavor influences that we hope you wish to try.

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